Ethnotherapy and Cultures

La copertinaThis book draws together the papers presented at the “Ethnotherapy and Cultures” coursei which was held in Bolzano from May to November 2005. The papers illustrate the approach of psychiatrists, psychoanalysts, psychologists and researchers to ethnopsychiatry and interculture. Allowing for differences in the clinical and theoretical approach, new methods of providing health care for migrants are discussed as well as innovative perspectives in the above-mentioned fields.
Warm thanks go out to the competent speakers who generously shared their work experience with the course participants; to all those who helped with the organization; and in particular to Binja Pletzer, Alexandra Reinalter and Oskar Giovanelli.
The translation was done by the editor, with the exception of Giuseppe Cardamone’s and Catherine Grandsard’s texts which were translated by O. Giovanelli, Piero Coppo’s paper which was done by A. Reinalter, and Matthias Oberbacher’s, Salvatore Saltarelli’s by themselves.
Our thanks go out to all those who generously contributed to the project: the Autonomous Province of Bolzano- South Tyrol; the Provincial Commission for Social Affairs and Health Care – Department of Training for Health Staff; the Provincial Italian Commission for Vocational Training; the Provincial Monitoring Centre for Migrants; the Municipality of Bolzano and the Commission for Services to the Local Community; Bank Saving & Loan Company Foundation, South Tyrol.
During the course, the “Mastery and Betrayal” Psychoanalysis Prize was awarded to Piero Coppo.



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