International Prize

" Mastery and betrayal " of psychoanalysis 2008

is awarded to...

Bolzano, 10th October 2009
Collalbo/Renon, Bolzano

Francesco Marchioro - president
Silvia Vegetti Finzi - scientific secretary

Jung to Freud:
<<Dear Professor,
(..)Of course I have opinions which are not yours about the ultimate truths of A - thought even this is not certain - (…)but you won't take umbrage on that account. (…)Let Zarathustra speak for me: "One repays a teacher badly, if one remains only a pupil."
As one who is truly your follower, I must be stout-hearted, not least towards you.>>

(Letter 303: Küsnach - Zurigo, 3 March 1912)


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